Longniddry Development proposals launched

Proposals have been put forward for a mixed-use development at Longniddry, including the delivery of around 450 much-needed new homes, by developer Socially Conscious Capital.

Located around Longniddry Farm, to the south of the existing village, the site is allocated in East Lothian Council’s Draft Proposed Local Development Plan for “around 450 homes, plus associated employment development, community facilities and infrastructure.”1  East Lothian is required to deliver 10,050 new homes by 2024.

Proposals are being put forward for an exemplary village expansion, including high quality and distinctive new housing. These will embrace a range of house types and tenure options. An additional mix of uses such as shops, small offices, community facilities and greenspace is also envisaged. This will include the conversion of existing buildings at Longniddry Farm.

A Proposal of Application Notice (PAN), noting intent to lodge a planning application at a future date and describing the proposals, has been lodged with the Council and shared with Longniddry Community Council and local ward councillors.

The site, owned by the Wemyss and March Estate, is highly deliverable, being under one ownership and with no abnormal ground conditions. East Lothian Council has also indicated that the education impacts of around 450 homes at this location could be managed within the current school estate.

The proposed development is also uniquely located within short walking distance of both an existing commuter railway station and village centre, making it one of the most sustainable development locations in East Lothian. Indeed, one of the improvements delivered by the development will be an expanded car park at the railway station.

As outlined in the Draft Local Plan, a masterplan will be required as part of any planning application, promoting community integration with the existing settlement.

Proposals to further aid integration will include the upgrading of existing connections under the railway to allow for pedestrian and cycle movement, as well as appropriate upgrades to the road junction of the A198 and B6363.

Traffic calming and associated environmental works on the A198 through the village will also be delivered, including provision of suitable pedestrian crossing points.

Following public consultation in January and February earlier this year more than half of respondents said that either they themselves or someone they knew would be interested in moving into one of the new properties in the development, highlighting the pent up demand for houses in this location.

Considerable community consultation in advance of the publication of the Draft Local Plan has already been undertaken. Further community consultation on these proposals will take place in February 2016 at the Longniddry Inn, with the submission of a planning application likely in Spring 2016. This will take account of the feedback garnered through this consultation process.

Commenting on the proposals Rock Feilding from Socially Conscious Capital said:

“We are delighted to be presenting these proposals for delivering new development in Longniddry.

“We were pleased to note our allocation in the Draft Local Plan, demonstrating that our proposals are in the right location and that our site has sufficient capacity to deliver around 450 of the 10,000 or so new houses that East Lothian desperately needs by 2024.

“In addition to the much-needed new housing, we wanted to make sure that any new development also delivers tangible benefits to the existing residents of Longniddry, so we are grateful to all those who came to the various meetings and workshops to share their ideas with us.

“We look forward to meeting the community again as we take forward these proposals.”



1 East Lothian Council. Draft East Lothian Local Development Plan, p. 25. Available at: http://www.eastlothian.gov.uk/meetings/meeting/5812/east_lothian_council


About Socially Conscious Capital

SCC is a family-controlled development business committed to the principles of Sustainable Urbanism: we want to build new developments that have a mix of uses, housing types and tenures, that are walkable and encourage sustainable modes of travel, that are in keeping with the local vernacular and sensitive to distinctive local styles, and that people will want to live and work in for hundreds of years to come.

We believe that by building such communities, with a real sense of place and belonging, we can maximize the value of the development while ensuring social, environmental, and economic benefits for local people – that is why we are called ‘Socially Conscious Capital’.

SCC was established in 2009, but our management team has over 40 years experience in the property development, investment, and management sector. Between us we have secured planning permission for over 10,000 new homes and have worked on many significant development and regeneration projects.

For further information: http://www.sociallyconsciouscapital.co.uk/