Planning Context

East Lothian Council approved its Proposed Local Development Plan in September 2016,  undertaken with the participation of local communities and other relevant organisations and stakeholders.

This sets out where new development should and should not occur, including housing, education, economic and retail development, new transport links, and other infrastructure.

The Proposed Plan (PDF page 25) states that “land at Longniddry South is allocated for a settlement expansion of around 450 homes plus associated employment development, a small local centre, community facilities and infrastructure.”

This forms part of the 10,050 new homes, which according to the Plan, East Lothian is required to deliver by 2024.

Socially Conscious Capital submitted an application for Planning Permission in Principle (PPiP) for Longniddry Development in June 2016, seeking to establish the acceptability of the principle of development.

Longniddry Development is a mixed-use development located around Longniddry Farm, to the south of the existing village.

The development is for around 450 homes (including 25% affordable) plus associated employment development, community facilities, infrastructure and greenspace. Should PPiP be granted, further consultation will be undertaken on elements of these elements of the proposal, prior to submitting detailed planning applications for these.